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IMER – Combi 250 VA 10″ Tile Saw

IMER – Combi 250 VA 10″ Tile Saw


The Combi 250 is one of IMER USA’s legacy product with the first version having been sold in 1992. IMER USA pioneered the overhead rail tilting head style saw in the USA tile market. With 25 years of constant improvement the Combi 250 VA is the lightest and most accurate overhead rail saw available on the market today. Built for the demands of tile professionals for accuracy on both straight and 45 degree miter cuts, the Combi 250 is designed for the toughest jobs.



 Blade diameter 10″
Blade shaft diameter 5/8″
Maximum cutting length (with plunge cut) 28″ (31″)
Maximum cutting depth 3 3/4″
Motor Rating  ( Powerful ) 1.75hp 110v 15amp
Blade speed 2800rpm
Water pan capacity 10 gallon
Water pump flow 3 gallons per minute
Noise level 78 db(A)
Operating Dimensions L x H x W 40″ x 22″ x 18″

IMER Combi 250 VA 10″ Tile Saw –


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