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Multi-vibe – Power Screed

Multi-vibe – Power Screed

2 Handle design allows control of the board with a comfortable wheel barrel style handle.  The 2X4 vibrator head is designed to work and match the speed of the Honda Engine.  Some companies will suggest running a screed at half throttle, the Honda GX35 engine is an air cooled engine and not designed to run at half throttle.  The Multivibe Power Screed will let you match you throttle speed to the slump of your concrete, finding a spot where vibration is on the board.  Multivibe hired an independent engineering firm to test vibration and passed all CE and international requirements on the vibration transferred to hands.  Some competitors put so many grommets on the bottom to isolate the vibration that the control of the board is lost making it impossible to control in stiff concrete.  With Multivibe’s rigid design, contractor has complete control over the screed and board and can be used in any slump concrete.

The 2X4 vibrator head is completely enclosed with sealed bearings and no oil making it air cooled.  This head is made to be in concrete so has easy clean up.   The screed can also be adjusted for different height operators making it user friendly.ncrete.


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